We offer a wide range of trainings to meet the needs of each of our focused areas of service.  We also work with our clients, whether with individuals or organizations, to customize trainings that fit into their own set of circumstances.


  • Theodicy 101

  • The Problem of Suffering and Evil

  • Establishing an Effective Devotional Time for Familie


  • Effective Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • How to Optimize Home School Curricula

  • Learning Modalities: Fact or Myth?

  • Turning Homework Battles into Homework Victories


  • Defining Family Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Best and Worst about Solo Parenting

  • Effective Discipline that Teaches Not Preaches

  • Adolescent Challenges

  • Aligning Parenting Styles

  • Harmony in the Home for Non-Traditional Families


  • Foster Parenting: What Do You Really Need to Know?

  • Pre and Post -Adoption Guidance (International and Domestic) 

  • TBRI: Trust Based Relational Intervention

  • Attachment Parenting

Trauma Focused

  • Impact of Trauma upon Children, Teen and Adults

  • Breaking Through the Impoverished Mentality

  • "I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Sad"

  • Protecting Our Children from Bullying and Abuse