Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.
— Mark 12:30


Our mission is to come alongside families, couples, like-minded groups, and individuals (who are adults, teens, or children) to promote growth and development regarding intrapersonal, interpersonal, academic, and life skills. We do this service from a Christ-centered point of view. Through a variety of effective, efficient counseling and educational techniques, adults, teens, and children begin to understand and appreciate how God has wired their brains for success in their lives. Being constructed in the image of God pushes each individual to develop his/her individual toolbox of strategies for dealing with the stress of life: the home, the work place, the church, and the school or university.

We Offer:

    A safe place where your voice will be heard.

    A compassionate, confidential environment to discuss personal concerns, successes, and failures.

    Specialized therapeutic assistance to God’s people who are encountering adjustment problems or who are experiencing spiritual, mental, social, emotional, or academic distress.

    Our skills and expertise to the greater Nashville area and across the United States (via Skype) through consultation, prevention services, and outreach ministry.

    An individualized program that has its roots in our training, experience, and the analysis/synthesis of the data that we gather via inventories and assessments.

We Honor:

    Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord.

    The unique strengths and challenges of each client, while working to enhance life skills, coping strategies, interpersonal relationships, and academic success that ultimately leads to healing.

    The wisdom of the Scriptures to guide us in the events and struggles of daily life.

We Value:

    Our passion for and commitment to Jesus Christ and the well-being of our clients.

    The teachable spirit of a man, woman, teen, or child.

    Our ability to model and demonstrate a balance between self-care and service to others.

    Being flexible and creative in our efforts to assist clients.

    Integrity in all of our words and deeds.

The Missions of the Four Branches of

Bridging the Gap Counseling and Educational Services

    The Mission of BTG Biblical Counseling is to use God’s wisdom from the Scripture to guide God's people in their struggle to successfully deal with their specific circumstances of life as a gateway toward healing.

    The Mission of BTG Educational Therapy is to use God’s wisdom, effective educational practices, and applicable brain research to streamline a program to enhance a student’s God-given skills while supplementing areas of struggle.

    The Mission of BTG Adoption and Family Services is to come alongside families who are struggling with loving and parenting adopted and/or foster children and teens to equip them with a customized 'toolkit' to cope with, care for, and help assist in the healing process of their children.

    The Mission of BTG Ministries is to discover and meet the unique emotional, mental, academic, and spiritual needs of struggling and at-risk families by educating, empowering, counseling, and mentoring.