Bridging the Gap Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to identify the needs for different at-risk people groups, researches and develops programs to meet those needs, implements unique programs (1-3 year cycles) for each known need, and then plants the program within other organizations.

Who We Are
Biblical counselors and educators who specialize in trauma and attachment

What We Do
Identify and then meet the unique emotional, mental, academic, and spiritual needs of struggling and at-risk families and individuals

How We Do It
Research broad needs within certain struggling people groups (Macro)
Identify needs of individuals or families by gathering personal data and history (Micro)
Research effective ways to meet the individual needs of each person
Develop and implement programs to teach needed skills and how to apply them
Educate and enrich other organizations and ministries who seek to meet the same needs

Why We Do It
To point hurting people, through the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to the healing love of God for His children, through the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf.